2020 Mercedes AMG GLC63 S | NIGHT Drive Full Review SUV 4MATIC + Sound Acceleration Exhaust

21 paź 2020
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In today’s MercBenzKing's episode, we present to you the all-new 2020 Mercedes AMG GLC63S SUV in a night drive review. AMG 4.0 liter V8 produces 510 HP and 700Nm of Torque. Top speed of over 300 km/h. Full with newest technology of infotainment system as well as the engine.
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Prior to all new technology in the new 2021 S Class. Different types of models: All new S class S400d S400 S500 S65 AMG S560 MAYBACH
Mercedes vlog. Interior and exterior design, COMAND Online, Drive Pilot, DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL, active and passive safety features including emergency braking and steering assist, Pre-SAFE Impulse and the possibilities of the new Multimode Radar sensors, MULTIBEAM LED and a lot more.
I drive a C Class with amg package. C200 petrol. Same 2 liter as the C250 and C300. GoPro Hero 4 with Mercedes Benz C200 drive. City of Rotterdam. Point of view POV driving Mercedes AMG package.
Coming up: GLE (Coupé) Class, CLS, S-Class 2018, GLS, GT-S, New Road trips and holiday specials
Current camera: SONY HDR
Mercedes models (Mercedes A, B, C, E, ML, M, GLE, GLC, GLA, CLS, CLA, CLC, GLS, S and so on)
Update: Have a look at the GLS 63 AMG of MercBenzKing. Also check out the E63 E Class video.
Check out the new Mercedes C class 2021
C180 C200 C250 C300 C350e C400 C450 C63 C63S
Options on my Mercedes:
- Command Online Navigation System
- AMG line exterior and interior
- Distronic Plus with Active Lane Keeping Assist and Steering Assist
- Panoramic Sunroof
- Ambient Lighting interior
- Ventilated and heated seats
- LED intelligent light sytem
- AIRMATIC Suspension
- Park assist PARKTRONIC
- Head up display
- Keyless - Go Comfort
- Burmester Surround Sound System
- Memory seats
- Thermotronic airco
- Airbalance Parfume

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    • Most likely Brilliant Blue Metallic. I have a GLE350 in the same color.

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