2020 Mercedes Sprinter VIP KING VAN - NEW Full Review Klassen Interior Exterior

18 kwi 2020
4 202 911 wyświetleń

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In today’s MercBenzKing's episode, we present to you the all-new 2020 Klassen King Van based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The price is $350,000 and it has a luxurious business lounge with sofa. A new 3.0 Liter 6 cylinder diesel with 190hp. Top speed is around 180km/.
Hope you enjoy the video!
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Options on my Mercedes:
- Command Online Navigation System
- AMG line exterior and interior
- Distronic Plus with Active Lane Keeping Assist and Steering Assist
- Panoramic Sunroof
- Ambient Lighting interior
- Ventilated and heated seats
- LED intelligent light sytem
- AIRMATIC Suspension
- Park assist PARKTRONIC
- Head up display
- Keyless - Go Comfort
- Burmester Surround Sound System
- Memory seats
- Thermotronic airco
- Airbalance Parfume

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  • Seriously, is this really a 2020? The interior looks like an old camper van from the 80's. How are passengers supposed to sit, with one leg in between the others across from them? And wow, a couch made for one LMAO! The "Intercom" is actually a phone......Attached to a cord! With all of the other high tech gadgets, that's pretty lame. On top of being illegal to use while driving. At least in the US anyway. The whole rear seating situation is just pathetic!

    DrThomasDrThomas8 godzin temu
  • Iyeligesia artifocoal gosto muito

    Leonardo FrançaLeonardo França10 godzin temu
  • E um carro iteligente adorei

    Leonardo FrançaLeonardo França10 godzin temu
  • E muita luxuria

    Leonardo FrançaLeonardo França10 godzin temu
  • E muita luxuria

    Leonardo FrançaLeonardo França10 godzin temu
  • Brother please adopt me and give me a job

    manideep vuppalamanideep vuppala21 godzinę temu
  • Not impressive, they can do way better

    luai kutbiluai kutbiDzień temu
  • Kitna ki hai

    Ritik KaushikRitik Kaushik2 dni temu
  • Combien il coûte en blindé avec les panneaux solaires le système traitement des eaux le double réservoir le téléphone satellite avec le grand écran plasma et la parabole 360° ?

    Pitcha PitchoPitcha Pitcho5 dni temu
  • Who on earth would buy a 'luxury' Sprinter?!? It isn't even luxurious with upholstery in IKEA-style and a digital clock that reminisces exactly my kitchen clock/thermometer from the dollar-store, this one by the world 'brand' techno line for which even Chinese labor is too expensive.... The a/c makes a noise like the dryer at the car wash, and the sound of the Nespresso-machine's lift is as subtle as the coffee grinder in my Gaggia. The cover of the Nespresso-stowaway isn't even dampened and clatters like lid of a wooden DIY-toolbox. That set aside, the whole vehicle doesn't even pretend to be elegant. ...and for this 'thing' somebody is willing to pay 350 grand? Really? A nouveaux-riche with a reciprocal money-taste ratio who thinks slamming a delivery van full with gadgets and painting it white is 'cool'. What a vulgar waste of money... That guy should go to Goodwood and see how much style and craftsmanship 350.000 $ can pay for.

    GNUFZGNUFZ6 dni temu
  • I don't have this one but I have one s class

    Akash SomAkash Som8 dni temu
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    supercar Amir Bashsupercar Amir Bash9 dni temu
  • the white color just takes away alot of luxury in it honestly......

    Thuso MsimangoThuso Msimango10 dni temu
  • I’m not sold to be honest

    Ein RentnerEin Rentner10 dni temu
  • He is extremely annoying 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

    KingKing10 dni temu
  • Fake mercedes

    Keshav RanaKeshav Rana14 dni temu
  • Bath room kavali

    Riya BujjiRiya Bujji14 dni temu
  • Imagine bieng kidnapped with this van

    Hybrid ManHybrid Man14 dni temu
  • Pls I am poor who will buy car for me

    Amsalu AdaneAmsalu Adane15 dni temu
  • What is its price

    maharshi Pmaharshi P16 dni temu
  • Wait this aint no van its a house. Im reporting this cuz its a lie

    Sandri KaranadzeSandri Karanadze19 dni temu
  • Ugly, impractical. Don't know what's happened to Mercedes.. The couches look uncomfortable . Nothing really interesting. LOL I think the Toyota sienna and the Kia Carnivale has more features.

    Canada Goose07Canada Goose0720 dni temu
  • Aguante mi clio

    Lucas JulianLucas Julian20 dni temu
  • Very nice

    Roubens JEANRoubens JEAN21 dzień temu
  • Hello driver? Keep her nice and steady please, I'm pissing in a bottle

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  • ali-baba und die aisches stehen auf die kirmesbude,na,denn!

    ameise1956ameise195623 dni temu
  • The person who designed the interior must be given a dong on the head..there is no leg room with that seating arrangement. What a disappointment.

    Rahul vinal NarayanRahul vinal Narayan23 dni temu
  • I need this job i have experience 3 year's in Nikas Mercedes Benz ?

    M ShaniM Shani24 dni temu
  • Very nice

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  • Fantastic

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  • Learn to speak

    Pappnase SchnurbartbrillePappnase Schnurbartbrille24 dni temu
  • Eurotrash haha😂

    Brian PetersonBrian Peterson25 dni temu
  • 0:30 “luxurious details inside” shows a 40€ coffe machine 👌🏼

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  • Give them some silk cloth too incase they have to wipe their ass

    noto motonoto moto26 dni temu
  • The van is N I C E . Butttt how do you put this van in Y O U R G A R A G E ;)

    bobodanbobodan26 dni temu
  • Oh my days i actually have to touch the door handle, no bueno

    JDtheGreat OneJDtheGreat One27 dni temu
  • its ugly

    Gorazd ObersnelGorazd Obersnel27 dni temu
  • 6:50 Wooden Stick

    5678 95678 927 dni temu
  • Looks cheap inside

    Daniel EderDaniel Eder27 dni temu
  • Could have done a better job with placing the sub. It looks like an after thought.

    AriAri27 dni temu
  • Could have done a better job with placing the sub. It looks like an after thought.

    AriAri27 dni temu
  • 0:06 Puke Why the hell do they do that shit with the exhaust

    Georgi GeorgievGeorgi Georgiev27 dni temu
  • A wooden stick...

    Bojo HvBojo Hv28 dni temu
  • I'm always disappointed by fake exhausts - it should have an awesome sounding exhaust coming from a V8!

    Sam SamSam Sam28 dni temu
  • Hell na

    OpaSchmockOpaSchmock29 dni temu
  • while I APPRECIATE THE SUPERB Craftsmanship and quality. it looks so DAMN UGLY.

  • so it is an ambulance with luxurious interior

    M R Sharif DanishM R Sharif Danish29 dni temu
  • В нем должен был быть зонтик ☂

    Billalov Farynk1Billalov Farynk129 dni temu
  • What a waste of money 🥱

    Pufi es Nyufi kalandjaiPufi es Nyufi kalandjai29 dni temu
  • Mercedes: We like to build cars for the future Klassen: I Like Your Funny Words Magic Man

    Peter PanPeter PanMiesiąc temu
  • Mercedes: I hope nobody puts an 1970's Interiour in there Klassen: YES

    Peter PanPeter PanMiesiąc temu
  • I mean everybody has a different taste, but i think i speak for a lot of people that this car looks like they send the interior back in time to get it customised and kept the exteriour. I think it looks like expensive trash

    Peter PanPeter PanMiesiąc temu
  • (Magnitude 10 earthquake happens) People in cars: (screams) People in trucks: (screams) People in trains: (screams) People in the backseat of the Mercedes Sprinter VIP King Van: *(snoring)*

    Isaac HladkyIsaac HladkyMiesiąc temu
  • *One of the only cars you want to actually call the backseat.*

    Isaac HladkyIsaac HladkyMiesiąc temu
  • When you kidnap so many kids you finally unlock the best van

    Krishna K.RKrishna K.RMiesiąc temu
  • I will just shut the luxury VIP vehicle door: CLANG! Moving swiftly on.... Wait.. the phone is ringing.. "Hello? It's the 1980's here, when can we have our 'phone and hideous digital clock back?"

    Bruce CrutchleyBruce CrutchleyMiesiąc temu
  • How can I buy this ?

    Francesk LalaFrancesk LalaMiesiąc temu
  • Херня полная

    Таракан КлоповичТаракан КлоповичMiesiąc temu
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    PavelPavelMiesiąc temu
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    DEDI D'BESTDEDI D'BESTMiesiąc temu
  • Really Your english is so bad

    enriko murselienriko murseliMiesiąc temu
  • god this thing looks like a bad fever dream, or a seedy ass motel ? Ew

    01 EKKA01 EKKAMiesiąc temu
  • Wait what!? Only 190 horsepower for this GIANT car!? The acceleration is terrible it should have a 600 horsepower engine! 190 horsepower is only for small cars.

    Mehrnoush KolahdoovMehrnoush KolahdoovMiesiąc temu
  • What is the intro song??

    Wealtain ForexWealtain ForexMiesiąc temu
  • Huge spaceless shit van

    OnionOnionMiesiąc temu
  • How old is this guy?

    paul mangwengwepaul mangwengweMiesiąc temu
  • How old is this guy?

    paul mangwengwepaul mangwengweMiesiąc temu
  • なんか…しょぼくない? 運転席の受話器とかハンズフリーじゃないし シートも硬そうだし 1番はデジタル時計が超絶貧乏臭い

    助っ人タイ人助っ人タイ人Miesiąc temu
  • Its a moving coffin. You maybe risking your entire life even during a small accident. The side facing seats lets your head sway every time the driver presses the gas pedal. The most unwanted conversion ever and ugghh that clock🤮

    Sampath KevungaraSampath KevungaraMiesiąc temu
  • Nice interior.

    Global Services TVGlobal Services TVMiesiąc temu
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    Hillary BrunoHillary BrunoMiesiąc temu
  • This guy is insanely boring to watch and the car is ugly and looks old as hell on the inside

    John LegendJohn LegendMiesiąc temu
  • Dude, you are bad at this. The vehicle is AMAZING and you obviously know a lot about them. But you are BAD at showcasing it. Hire a model or something man.

    Dan NorsemanDan NorsemanMiesiąc temu
  • Jesus Christ that’s ugly as fuck it’s like a mini rv from 2007, nice cane tho

    wyatt mwyatt mMiesiąc temu
  • a merc fan but it's the worst design ive ever seen. You cant even sit at the two corner of the sofa, how the designer came up with the idea?

    Yijing Alex XiongYijing Alex XiongMiesiąc temu
  • Tell me why this dude looks like Daniel LaRusso

    Retro ProductionsRetro ProductionsMiesiąc temu
  • why do they have a telephone instead of hsndsfree telephone

    Jaiden RealJaiden RealMiesiąc temu
  • Everything wooden, luxurious, etc... and a huge, xxl clock looking like 2$ chinese clock on a viagra.

    SawoSawoMiesiąc temu
  • Thumbnail looks like a bed room..

    Kazim AliKazim AliMiesiąc temu
  • No taste whatsoever. Hideous 😷😷

    Dr. RabuffettiDr. RabuffettiMiesiąc temu
  • Doesn't really have that much space in the back.

    IQcontentIQcontentMiesiąc temu
  • Very bad taste...

    Elie MaltzElie MaltzMiesiąc temu
  • Not so luxury

    LuisLuisMiesiąc temu
  • Its nice and no toilet

    danishzainan08danishzainan08Miesiąc temu
  • Wonderful 👍

    noornoorMiesiąc temu
  • Exhuct are fake

    Saad ShaikhSaad ShaikhMiesiąc temu
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    Alex NachevAlex NachevMiesiąc temu
  • This interior is the best representation of "More expensive does not necessarily mean better."

    Dorian GDorian GMiesiąc temu
  • Better off just buying a GLS tbh

    wuzumakiwuzumakiMiesiąc temu
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    chief salpawinchief salpawinMiesiąc temu
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  • Soft closing doors

  • Please gift me 😍😍😍

    Vignesh Vikas PikleVignesh Vikas PikleMiesiąc temu
  • What price

    niraj labhasetwarniraj labhasetwarMiesiąc temu
  • No washroom so waste money,😂

    Sunny SinghSunny SinghMiesiąc temu
  • I can't even afford this is GTA

    pranjal daspranjal dasMiesiąc temu