2020 Mercedes GLS AMG - Full Review GLS 400d Drive Interior Sound Exterior Infotainment

21 cze 2020
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In today’s MercBenzKing's episode, we present to you the all-new 2020 Mercedes GLS with AMG spec in a full in depth review. This GLS400d feels strong. A new 3.0 Liter 6 inline which produces 330 hp and 700 Nm of torque. Limited to 250 km/h 155 mph.
Hope you enjoy the video!
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Prior to all new technology in the new 2021 S Class. Different types of models: All new S class S400d S400 S500 S65 AMG S560 MAYBACH
Mercedes vlog. Interior and exterior design, COMAND Online, Drive Pilot, DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL, active and passive safety features including emergency braking and steering assist, Pre-SAFE Impulse and the possibilities of the new Multimode Radar sensors, MULTIBEAM LED and a lot more.
I drive a C Class with amg package. C200 petrol. Same 2 liter as the C250 and C300. GoPro Hero 4 with Mercedes Benz C200 drive. City of Rotterdam. Point of view POV driving Mercedes AMG package.
Coming up: GLE (Coupé) Class, CLS, S-Class 2018, GLS, GT-S, New Road trips and holiday specials
Current camera: SONY HDR
Mercedes models (Mercedes A, B, C, E, ML, M, GLE, GLC, GLA, CLS, CLA, CLC, GLS, S and so on)
Update: Have a look at the GLS 63 AMG of MercBenzKing. Also check out the E63 E Class video.
Check out the new Mercedes C class 2021
C180 C200 C250 C300 C350e C400 C450 C63 C63S
Options on my Mercedes:
- Command Online Navigation System
- AMG line exterior and interior
- Distronic Plus with Active Lane Keeping Assist and Steering Assist
- Panoramic Sunroof
- Ambient Lighting interior
- Ventilated and heated seats
- LED intelligent light sytem
- AIRMATIC Suspension
- Park assist PARKTRONIC
- Head up display
- Keyless - Go Comfort
- Burmester Surround Sound System
- Memory seats
- Thermotronic airco
- Airbalance Parfume

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    • Can't waiting for your reviews on the real GLS63 and the GLE63S Coupe!!!

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    • BMW X7 is still superior :)

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    • Gls 63 off road

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    • Great 👍🏾 review! I performed a review of the GLS 580 SUV with a night drive and I loved the relaxation setting and ambient lighting. These GLS SUVs don’t stay on the dealership lot for long. They’re selling quick.

      Mercedes LoungeMercedes Lounge5 miesięcy temu
    • Pls need a video of gle coupe soon

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  • The GLS is a good car but it is very expensive! It would be better if it was cheaper.

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  • Can u get it in right hand drive?

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  • I never drove one of these but these new SUV's are sometimes a waste of money. They perform really good on road but suck off of it. I had an experience with the Toyota Fortuner 2018. It felt really good while on the road. But on dirt it was really bumpy. Once, I even hit my head on the side window. Luckily it didn't crack.

    Walter LangaWalter Langa5 miesięcy temu
    • The GLS and all Mercedes-Benz SUVs are amazing both on-road and off-road. I have already tried them out over the years. Better test these out before concluding. Can't speak for Toyota. I don't like them anyway...

      Lightning FarronLightning Farron5 miesięcy temu
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  • The popping star logo on the front bonnet in old mercs was a classic and i loved it.Now it looks ordinary.Nothing classy about the big grille logo..Nowadays merc is selling it's cars over fancy cheap interior lights..Change your design engineers..Just a advice

    Yuvraj soodYuvraj sood5 miesięcy temu
    • @Yuvraj sood My C-Class has a standard star on the bonnet too, yet it is serious and I feel like a boss. If you so desperately want the raised star on the bonnet, get the exclusive grille option. It is available on all the sedans/saloons and Estates from the C-Class and up, but not the SUVs. Besides, having the raised star on the bonnet of an SUV that is designed to go off-road is really stupid, regardless of whether people will take it off-road. It would easily break off one day. Hell, the same issue plagues the Rolls Royce Cullinan, so no one will take it off-road if they are concerned about breaking the Spirit of Ecstasy. I have been off-road, the emblem will DEFINITELY break off! I know if I buy a Mercedes-Benz SUV I am taking it off-road at least once. If you desperately want a Mercedes-Benz SUV with the star on the bonnet, buy the Mercedes-Maybach GLS. Also, the front car cannot be cold steel anymore like they used to due to EU crash regulations...unless they are willing to pay the gigantic fine per model. It's not happening. Even Bill Gates will go poor paying those fines. Also, the reason for the big star in the front is that the radar cruise control, Distronic Plus, and sensors are hidden inside it. It has to be that big and the sensors will not work as well behind steel. Look, kinda understand what you mean and I want the same, BUT we have to think with our heads, not our emotions. The reason why Mercedes-Benz is doing so well is because they are so up-to-date with technology and features, yet Bentley and Rolls Royce are FAR behind. Their cars are not as successful because they appeal to so few people. That is why Bentley and Rolls Royce are not independent brands, they are owned by Volkswagen and BMW respectively. The Bentayga and the Cullinan are the ones selling extremely well because they are built at the right time and are the most modern models. If Mercedes-Benz stuck to the old times the boomers want, the brand will be dead already. Now they are selling much better than they ever have. They have plug-in hybrids and electric cars coming and a more futuristic look inside. They are future-proofing their cars, because not long from now pure gasoline cars will be outlawed in certain zones and more people want the future. Customers want the latest and greatest too, so Mercedes-Benz delivers. Either move forward or be stuck behind. Look at Mercedes-Benz's MBUX technology and the digitalization of their cars. That is a benchmark for the future and now everyone is copying them. Mercedes-Benz will allow online upgrades and repairs in their cars, making them timeless. That is great and more convenient. I do not see why you don't just buy their older cars since that is clearly what you want. Why force your view on others who don't want what you want. What you want will NOT improve sales...guaranteed. The world does not revolve around you. It is the same as people whinging about manual transmissions dying. Well, because no one is buying them anymore. I can guarantee that most people who want manual transmissions will not go and buy them if more of them were made. I can guarantee. I have been in the car community for years, I know how this works. People complain and complain and want something. Then when a product has what they cried for, they don't go and buy. Some brands have died or are dying trying to appease people, most of whom don't even have the money to buy these products they want. Mercedes-Benz and other brands will (rightfully) only listen to people who actually will buy their cars, not people behind a keyboard who don't even have money or interest in buying them. All this "cheap" lighting you are talking about is not going away anytime soon. Money talks. Buy the older Mercedes-Benz cars that do the thing you want, dude. They are still available. The new ones still have a lot of class. I know that because I drive one. but you want the older ones, so buy those. Since you are dictating how Mercedes-Benz should design their cars, I assume you have the money to buy one. I am not hating on or attacking you, I am just saying the facts here. You have the right to feel how you feel and I understand why you feel the way you feel.

      Lightning FarronLightning Farron5 miesięcy temu
    • @Lightning Farron Class is always Class..Please do not kill the soul of mercedes.The star ring above the front bonnet was my favourite.Now it is just a ordinary cheap car like others. Nothing Royal about it.

      Yuvraj soodYuvraj sood5 miesięcy temu
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  • Sound and the speed of electric sunshade is embarrassing ,Genesis G90 is quieter and faster in that aspect. Regardless of that minor fault I would buy GLS before any SUV on the market.Great job Mercedes.

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    • @Lightning Farron Looks are subjective for sure. Doesn't look fine to me. You'd have to get the Black/magma grey nappa leather to avoid this texture. Or, I could just get an X7 with higher quality leather and more color choices. GLS is nice but X7 IMO is the better choice. I'm biased though because I have an X5.

      Sam SharmaSam Sharma5 miesięcy temu
    • @Sam Sharma Looks fine. You can get different materials, by the way.

      Lightning FarronLightning Farron5 miesięcy temu
    • @Lightning Farron Should've been a bit clearer. Check at around 8:50, the texture of the leather looks like elephant skin. If you google "elephant skin," you'll see what I'm talking about.

      Sam SharmaSam Sharma5 miesięcy temu
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  • the title is deceiving? this is not an AMG its diesel come on

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    • Lightning Farron like I said deceiving title ! We know it’s an amg body kit !

      BERINGEI 101BERINGEI 1015 miesięcy temu
    • AMG package.

      Lightning FarronLightning Farron5 miesięcy temu
  • Oversized, ugly design , no panamericana grill

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    • Lightning Farron also GLE and GLC are SUVs and they are so beautiful shaped with the right dimensions ,very good looking exterior and strong engines . Come on , almost 5,5m length car? This is a bus , not a car , not even an SUV

      SummertimemoonlightSummertimemoonlight5 miesięcy temu
    • Dude, it is an SUV. It has to be huge and "oversized."

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